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  1. Legal news
    03 December 2019
    The EU Council of Ministers has adopted the directive on whistle-blower protection

    On 7 October 2019, the EU Council of Ministers adopted the new whistle-blower protection directive which requires companies and administrations alike to introduce whistle-blower protection schemes that include every ...

  2. Legal news
    03 December 2019
    Wondergoal: Australian women’s football team score in securing equal pay

    Earlier this month, a landmark deal between Australia’s football players’ union, the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) and the sport’s national governing body, Football Federation Australia (FFA), secured the ...

  3. Legal news
    05 December 2019
    The High Court of Western Denmark: The employer was liable for the employee's tax expense for an otherwise tax-free travel allowance

    An employee received a tax claim for an otherwise tax-free travel allowance due to the reason that the employer, according to SKAT, had failed to fulfill its control obligations.

  4. Legal news
    05 December 2019
    Post-Employment Obligations

    In Sweden, Denmark as well as in Finland, an employee has a general duty of loyalty towards her/his employer. This means that the employee, among other things, must protect the employer's business information and ...

  5. Legal news
    04 December 2019
    Illness and incapacity in the workplace

    More than half of Belgium's working population has experienced a workplace absence of one month or longer.

  6. Legal news
    18 December 2019
    Trade secrets and employment law

    Trade secrets are a vital asset to many companies. They are no longer secret recipes, formulas or intellectual property, but also fundamental information on pricing, business plans and client lists.

  7. Legal news
    10 January 2020
    The Danish Western High Court: A change in an employee's working schedule during the maternity leave violated the provisions in the Danish Act on Equal Treatment

    The employee was successful in her claim of 12 months' salary in accordance with the Danish Act on Equal Treatment, because her working hours and position in the company was changed significantly during her maternity ...

  8. Legal news
    15 January 2020
    Tax treatment of terminal payments

    In November, the Court of Final Appeal dismissed the Commissioner's appeal and reaffirmed the long-standing position that payments made in return for services of employment are taxable.