We provide strategic policy advice to help you achieve your goals in regulated sectors

In an EU environment with 24 official languages, 28 Member States, 183 diplomatic missions, 517 Members of the European Parliament and 23,000 European Commission officials, how do you make sure the voice of your business is heard above all the noise?

Bird & Bird has now extended its market leading legal and regulatory expertise to provide creative, timely and pragmatic advice in a public affairs context. Our Regulatory & Public Affairs team works at the intersection of politics, bureaucracy and business reality. We have the experience your organisation needs to navigate the complex decision-making processes.

Bird & Bird understands that legislation is not made in a political vacuum, but is influenced by the broader political context. We integrate our international offices into one team to provide you with a seamless, cross-jurisdictional regulatory consultancy service. Our outlook is global, even when solving complex issues at a local level.

Our sector specialists go beyond the text-book explanations of how the EU decision-making procedure works, to help you understand how the system actually functions in real life.

Our broad network of relationships with the EU institutions will help clients to ensure that decisions affecting their business are not taken without their voice being heard.

At Bird & Bird, we spend a great deal of our time analysing our clients' sectors, anticipating trends, and assessing the impact of regulatory and policy changes.  We advise on cutting-edge issues in highly regulated sectors including technology, communications, life science, healthcare, media, sports, automotive, financial services and energy. That Bird & Bird has been ranked in Tier 1 by Chambers Europe for Europe-wide Regulatory telecoms, media and technology (TMT), among other sectors, is testament to the consistency and quality of the service we provide.

Advance information is crucial for shaping any public affairs programme. Our team will act as an early warning system for forthcoming legislation that will change the way that you do business. Our expertise ranges from helping to place issues proactively on the legislative agenda, to providing support and strategic advice based on profound legal and regulatory knowledge and expertise and a thorough understanding of public policy and decision-making processes.

Our Regulatory & Public Affairs team will act as your energetic coach in reaching your policy goals.

EU Transparency Register identification number: 594629632551-37

Webinar European Electronic Communications Code

The European Electronic Communications Code ("the Code") puts in place one of the essential building blocks for a Digital Single Market in Europe. Now is the time to prepare for action and to familiarise yourself with the Code as Member States prepare for its implementation. In this webinar we will discuss the broadened scope of the Code, new forms of access regulation, spectrum regulation and consequences for 5G and touch on the more harmonised end-user rights.

This webinar is presented by lawyers and members of our Regulatory & Public Affairs team from five different member states: Ronald Hendrikx (UK), Piotr Dynowski (Poland), Federico Marini Balestra (Italy), Sven-Erik Heun (Germany), Marianne Minnecré (the Netherlands).

The webinar was broadcast on Tuesday, 16th July.


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