UK Supreme Court upholds Kymab's appeal imposing a stricter interpretation of sufficiency of disclosure for patents

In a judgment handed down today the UK Supreme Court has upheld the appeal of Kymab who had challenged Regeneron's patents covering Kymab's 'Kymouse' transgenic mouse.

24 June 2020

Patents: injunctions and public interest in medical device cases

The Patents Court has rejected a public interest defence and granted an injunction, following a finding that patents for a medical device were valid and infringed.

05 May 2020

Patents: requirement to participate in FRAND trial

The Patents Court has held that defendants must participate in a FRAND trial even if they consented to a permanent injunction and did not seek a FRAND licence.

02 March 2020

UK Supreme Court hearing appeal over permitted breadth of patent claims

Although concerned with a complex gene technology, the outcome of this appeal will have substantial impact on the validity of patents generally where doubts are raised as to the level of disclosure provided in a patent to support its claims.

12 February 2020

Licensing Markets

When a defendant loses a patent trial, when would they decide that submitting to an injunction is better than taking a license? Tristan Sherliker reports on this in the September Issue of The Licensing Journal by Wolters Kluwer

13 November 2019