Patents: insufficiency

The Court of Appeal has held that two patents for the production of human antibodies using transgenic mice were not invalid for insufficiency.

14 May 2018

England “clearly the most appropriate forum” for FRAND dispute: Carr J in Conversant v ZTE

Mr Justice Henry Carr has today rejected the Defendants’ jurisdiction challenge in a major telecoms licensing dispute, Conversant v ZTE [2018] EWHC 808 (Pat)

16 April 2018

Patents: meaning of exclusive licence

The High Court has ruled on the meaning of exclusive licence in relation to the right of the licensee to bring an action under section 67(1) of the Patents Act 1977 (1977 Act) (section 67(1)).

09 February 2018

Patents: supplementary protection certificates

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that only a granted marketing authorisation could be used to apply for a supplementary protection certificate.

09 February 2018

Patents: jurisdiction over non-UK European patents

The High Court has held that it had no jurisdiction to grant declarations of non-infringement for non-UK designated patents. Jurisdiction and recognition and enforcement of judgments between the EU, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are governed by the ...

07 December 2017