New Decision: Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf on Second Medical Use Patents

In 2017 the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf first iterated new liability criteria with respect to Second Medical Use Patents (cf. decision Östrogenblocker of May 5, 2017, docket no. I-2 W 6/17).

14 January 2019

Pemetrexed: Italian Court reversed the first instance decision ordering a PI on the basis of Eli Lilly's patent

Diverging from the previous decision, the Court pointed out that the relevance of the file history to construe the scope of protection of a patent and then the infringement of equivalence has to be carefully and prudentially evaluated.

11 December 2018

Supreme Court defines plausibility in the context of sufficiency

A majority postulates a new "outward presentation test" to deal with the infringement of second medical use patents.

15 November 2018

Appeal decision in Unwired Planet

The Court of Appeal judgment in the Unwired Planet v Huawei case has been handed down this morning (23 October 2018). We previously reported on the first instance judgment from April 2017 and the subsequent decision dealing with confidentiality in that ...

23 October 2018

A telecoms Blockbuster: Beijing High Court upholds patent injunction in IWNCOMM v Sony

As China’s IP system continues to advance, the Beijing High Court has issued a new blockbuster decision on patents, FRAND and telecoms injunctions.

17 April 2018