China releases Latest Draft Amendments to Patent Law

The draft amended Patent Law contains several other new provisions in addition to the Patent Linkage and the SPP provisions, such as the draft Article 24 which proposes a six month grace period of novelty for an invention and creation that is first published ...

07 July 2020

Patents: patentability of plants and animals obtained by biological processes

The Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) of the European Patent Office (EPO) has held that plants, plant material and animals will be excluded from patentability if the claimed product is exclusively obtained by means of an essentially biological process or if the ...

30 June 2020

UK Supreme Court hearing appeal over permitted breadth of patent claims

Although concerned with a complex gene technology, the outcome of this appeal will have substantial impact on the validity of patents generally where doubts are raised as to the level of disclosure provided in a patent to support its claims.

12 February 2020

Legal Alert: Changes in the Polish Industrial Law concerning patents

A summary of the recent changes to the Polish Industrial Law concerning patents (enacted in October 2019, entering into force on 27 February 2020).

30 January 2020

Patents: meaning of enablement in anticipation by prior art

The Patents Court has considered enablement in relation to anticipation of a claimed monoclonal antibody invention by prior art, and held the patent was invalid for lack of novelty; it was also obvious for lack of technical contribution, and insufficient for ...

04 September 2019