The twoBirds Pattern team examine the difficulties in charting the leadership of companies in the 5G Standard Essential Patent (SEP) industry, and demonstrate how different assumptions can drastically affect the results

Bird & Bird’s patent intelligence offering, twoBirds Pattern, has experience in evaluating telecommunications patent portfolios in international licensing disputes. We note that a number of reports and news articles published in recent months have claimed to ...

23 August 2019

RAND case struck down by the Court of Appeal — bold moves win the day for implementer ZyXEL

The appeal judgment in ZyXEL v TQ Delta [2019] EWCA Civ 1277 tells a tale of tactics and legal agility. After completely waiving any right to rely on RAND undertakings, ZyXEL have tested the bounds of the developing English law

19 July 2019

UK Court grants SEP injunction: TQ Delta v ZyXEL

UK Court shows it is prepared to manage SEP cases efficiently and grant injunctions on SEPs when warranted.

02 April 2019

Supreme Court holds Dosage Regime Patent Obvious

Today in Actavis v ICOS the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the ICOS patent for a Tadalafil dosing regime was invalid. Lord Hodge gave the only judgment, with Lady Hale, Lord Kerr, Lord Sumption and Lord Briggs in agreement. The case attracted ...

27 March 2019

Patent licensing: what next for FRAND?

This article explains how the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Unwired Planet has created a new multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution forum and considers what refinements future cases in this area might make.

05 March 2019