Federal Supreme Court's decision in Sisvel v Haier moves Germany closer to the UK?


The Federal Supreme Court's Cartel Senate has given its written reasons in the Sisvel v Haier case. In two areas, it seems that Germany has moved closer to the opinion of the Court of Appeal in Unwired Planet. The Senate found that discrimination is not ...

02 July 2020

Patents: requirement to participate in FRAND trial


The Patents Court has held that defendants must participate in a FRAND trial even if they consented to a permanent injunction and did not seek a FRAND licence.

02 March 2020

TCL v Ericsson overturned on appeal


Readers will remember the news of Christmas 2017. Judge Selna in the Central District of California determined the FRAND royalties that TCL should pay to Ericsson. The decision attracted comment because the rates were very much lower than the findings that Mr ...

05 December 2019

International Comparative Legal Guide to Patents 2020


The 10th edition of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Patents 2020 is a practical cross-border insight into patent law, with contributing editor Katharine Stephens of Bird & Bird.

30 September 2019

Patents: cancellation of RAND trial


The Court of Appeal has cancelled a RAND trial because it would serve no useful purpose where an undertaking was given not to enforce the right to a FRAND licence in respect of a UK patent which had been held valid and enforceable.

04 September 2019