Arbitration of FRAND Disputes in SEP Licensing

High-technology products today usually contain standardised technology. Cellular wireless connectivity is one example: standards include the fourth-generation ‘LTE’ standard or the third-generation ‘UMTS’ standard.

02 March 2021

When is someone "authorised" to use a patented invention for the services of the Crown and therefore immune from patent infringement?

Katharine Stephens considers the Court of Appeal's decision in IPCom GmbH & Co KG v Vodafone Group plc & others (19 February 2021). The court overturned the decision at first instance and held that Vodafone did not have a defence of Crown use in relation to ...

22 February 2021

The Wuhan Submarine surfaces at Christmas, to be met by a Texan TRO

Samsung had an interesting Christmas present for Ericsson: an ex-parte anti-suit injunction from Wuhan, China on Christmas morning. Ericsson replied yesterday with an Anti-Anti Suit injunction in the form of a Temporary Restraining Order from Marshall, Texas. ...

29 December 2020

What's next for FRAND?

In autumn last year the world watched the UK Supreme Court’s televised broadcast of the hearing in the conjoined cases of Unwired Planet v. Huawei, and Conversant v. Huawei and ZTE. There were rumors that the decision would be published by Christmas.

29 December 2020

Court of Appeal clarifies disclosure of confidential information in UK litigation – OnePlus v Mitsubishi and others

Jane Mutimear discusses the judgment of the Court of Appeal dated 19 November 2020 which reviews the authorities and draws together a list of the points the Court will consider when determining the restrictions to be placed upon disclosure of confidential ...

19 November 2020