Patents: AI machine cannot be inventor

The Patents Court has dismissed a patent application by an individual which named an artificial intelligence (AI) machine as inventor because an inventor must be a natural person.

02 November 2020

Thaler v Comptroller-General: Part 2 – What now for AI inventions following Thaler?

Following the Thaler decision and pending any further possible appeal, the UK's position on AI inventors is at first sight very clear; under the Patents Act 1977 an AI system cannot be named as an inventor and the right to apply for an invention can only ...

05 October 2020

Thaler v Comptroller-General: Part 1 - AI systems cannot be an inventor under the Patents Act

The specification and claims of Dr Thaler's UK patent applications read very much like any other patent applications. The first suggestion that something is unusual comes on the front page of the published applications. Dr Thaler is mentioned as the applicant ...

01 October 2020

SG IP Fast Track: Expansion of SG Patent Fast Track to accelerate related trade mark and registered design applications

From 1 September 2020 to 29 April 2022, businesses seeking to obtain a bundle of rights for their portfolio of inventions, brands and designs will be able to tap on the SG IP Fast Track Programme to accelerate their applications, at no additional charge apart ...

28 August 2020

Federal Court confirms that schemes are not patentable merely because they are "new and ingenious" and are implemented using a computer

The Federal Court of Australia has found a patent directed at a digital marketing scheme no more than a list of steps to be implemented by a computer using its well-known functions, and is not a patentable invention: Commissioner of Patents v Rokt Pte Ltd ...

22 May 2020