Australian Government announces “patent box” scheme to boost medical and biotech innovation

The Australian Government has committed $206.4 million to a patent box tax incentive scheme to encourage investment in medical and biotechnology innovation.

19 May 2021

Indirect infringement in Spanish courts: a trend reversal and some teachings concerning infringement of second use medical claims

The specialised Section No. 15 of the Appeal Court of Barcelona has recently clarified what indirect infringement means by its judgment of 13 November 2020 (rapporteur Justice Rodríguez Vega, No. 2410/2020, Ortho.pras kits).

22 January 2021

China releases Latest Draft Amendments to Patent Law

The draft amended Patent Law contains several other new provisions in addition to the Patent Linkage and the SPP provisions, such as the draft Article 24 which proposes a six month grace period of novelty for an invention and creation that is first published ...

07 July 2020

Therapeutic product registration could be jeopardised by omitting to disclose a pertinent patent, regardless of whether the omission was wilful

Pursuant to the Health Products (Therapeutic Products) Regulations ("HPR"), applicants for registration of a therapeutic product with the Health Sciences Authority ("HSA") in Singapore must declare whether "a patent is in force in respect of the therapeutic ...

23 March 2020

UK Supreme Court hearing appeal over permitted breadth of patent claims

Although concerned with a complex gene technology, the outcome of this appeal will have substantial impact on the validity of patents generally where doubts are raised as to the level of disclosure provided in a patent to support its claims.

12 February 2020