Closure of Foreign Route from 1 January 2020

From 1 January 2020, patent applicants will no longer be able to use the foreign route when complying with the search and examination requirements in Singapore.

24 September 2019

Artificial creativity—is the IP system ready for robot inventors?

According to current UK patent law, if AI was to invent something, would the creator of the AI be able to patent it? Who would be the inventor and to whom would the invention belong?

06 August 2019

Attempting to commercialise a patent before amendment can amount to seeking an unfair advantage

The decision in In the Matter of Proposed Patent Amendments by Hitachi, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Opposition to Amendment by Singapore Shipping Association and Association of Singapore Marine Industries (Intellectual Property of...

04 April 2019

New 2019 French Patent/Software box regime: taxation at a reduced rate of 10%

This new regime, applicable either to types of intangible assets or to a family of products or services, provides taxation at a reduced rate of 10% of net income generated by industrial property including patents and non-patented patentable inventions (for ...

07 February 2019

German Federal Patent Court denies request for preliminary grant of a compulsory license – Where do we go from here?

Sanofi sought a compulsory licence for the distribution of its high cholesterol drug Praluent® but this was dismissed in preliminary proceedings (docket no: 3 LiQ 1/18).

07 February 2019