“Patent linkage” in Italy: only patents/SPCs on the active ingredient per se are relevant for the purpose of reimbursement of generic medicinal products


By resolution dated February 10, 2021 the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) clarified the criteria for generic medicinal products to be inserted in the Substitution List (“Lista di Trasparenza”).

22 March 2021

Excluded subject matter – a reminder of the importance of applying the statutory test


Katharine Stephens considers the decision in Reaux-Savonte v Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks which serves as a reminder from the English High Court not to lose sight of the statutory test when considering whether an invention is ...

10 February 2021

Patents: AI machine cannot be inventor


The Patents Court has dismissed a patent application by an individual which named an artificial intelligence (AI) machine as inventor because an inventor must be a natural person.

02 November 2020

Thaler v Comptroller-General: Part 2 – What now for AI inventions following Thaler?


Following the Thaler decision and pending any further possible appeal, the UK's position on AI inventors is at first sight very clear; under the Patents Act 1977 an AI system cannot be named as an inventor and the right to apply for an invention can only ...

05 October 2020

Thaler v Comptroller-General: Part 1 - AI systems cannot be an inventor under the Patents Act


The specification and claims of Dr Thaler's UK patent applications read very much like any other patent applications. The first suggestion that something is unusual comes on the front page of the published applications. Dr Thaler is mentioned as the applicant ...

01 October 2020