I am a partner in our Technology & Communications group being an expert in tech and electronic communications for more than 25 years.

With considerable experience in digital services and technology, including in-depth knowledge of telecoms and internet regulations, I offer our clients expertise on strategic issues and on the most sophisticated practices in the sector and support the implementation of our clients strategy in a business approach. I am managing international teams of lawyers and consultants to offer a one-stop shopping service providing a single and consistent answer to complex questions raising at the same time legal, technical and economic issues across many jurisdictions.

I also handle disputes in access, interconnection and infrastructure sharing, and advise the sector's leading players on obtaining the frequencies and authorisations to roll-out networks and provide new services. In this respect my role is to solve a problem and not to make litigation an objective and thus I am familiar with all alternative ways of managing disputes including mediation, conciliation and negotiation of settlements. Time is also of essence in disputes and I do my best to find a solution in a timeframe fitting the business constraints.

  • University Paris X, Nanterre
  • Paris Bar (1983)