Bird & Bird launches new client service brand, twoBirds Client Solutions


International law firm Bird & Bird has launched twoBirds Client Solutions – a new initiative which creates a consistent brand for the huge range of client service solutions and innovations the firm has developed.

Bird & Bird is well known for its high standard of client service, including collaborating and innovating with clients to create solutions to make their lives easier. We've created solutions that solve client problems, streamline processes, and give clients access to valuable expertise. We've also created solutions that provide clients with the transparency, reporting or analysis they need, helping them to be more efficient.

twoBirds Client Solutions packages up these innovative solutions under one brand that allows us to better communicate these solutions to clients. The solutions are organised into several different categories to help clients find what they're looking for and what they want to achieve:

  • Access – key information and solutions at your fingertips 24/7
  • Analytics – transparent reporting and sound analysis
  • Assessment – what you need to inform your next move
  • Automation – tech that improves efficiency
  • Consulting – when your needs go beyond the purely legal aspects
  • Flexibility – a flexible approach to resourcing your legal needs
  • Insight – sharing expert knowhow with you
  • Protection – a proactive approach to safeguarding your vital assets

David Kerr, CEO, Bird & Bird says:

"I'm excited to introduce twoBirds Client Solutions – a new initiative designed to brand and communicate our client service solutions and innovations being created around the business. I've always been impressed by the inventive and resourceful ideas that our people dream up with clients to provide them with a better service. I firmly believe our innate ability to do this is a key driver behind the success of our firm – and that's what the twoBirds Client Solutions brand encourages and celebrates."

The tools have recently been launched on a microsite, available at