Piotr Dynowski and Michał Sałajczyk are co-authors of the "Gaming Law: Global Guide"


In January 2017, Thomson Reuters issued its third edition of "Gaming – a Global Guide from Practical Law" legal guide, providing a comprehensive description of gambling regulations in 47 jurisdictions throughout the world. Piotr Dynowski, partner leading the Intellectual Property and TMT practices and Michał Sałajczyk, associate in the Intellectual Property and TMT team, are co-authors of the chapter devoted to Polish gambling regulations.

The "Gaming Law: Global Guide" provides an overview of the law and regulations related to gambling in important jurisdictions worldwide, with an emphasis on the rapidly evolving online gambling sector and social gaming. The publication is an invaluable source of knowledge providing an overview of the law and regulation in key gambling areas. Individual chapters have been prepared by leading specialists in each jurisdiction.

The online version of the Guide, available on the Practical Law website, includes a Country Q&A tool, which enables the reader to compare answers to specific questions across several jurisdictions.

Piotr Dynowski and Michał Sałajczyk present detailed information on Polish gambling regulations in their part of the publication. This includes a comprehensive expose of the most important regulations, prepared in a user-friendly format – as a set of questions and answers. It describes, inter alia, the permitted and forbidden forms of gambling activity, the procedure for obtaining relevant permits, and also explains regulations concerning taxes, advertising and promotion of gambling.

This publication is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who are interested in operating on the Polish gambling market.

For an online version of the publication, please follow this link >>>