Seminar on new VAT reporting rules in Brussels

By Brent Springael, Gilles Vandewiele


On 17 December the Brussels Tax team hosted a joint seminar with the Federation of European & International Associations based in Belgium (FAIB) on "New VAT reporting rules as from 1 January 2016".

The seminar, which took place in the Brussels office, was led by Brent Springael (Partner) and Gilles Vandewiele (Junior Associate).

The seminar addressed the "New VAT reporting rules" that entered into force on 1 January 2016, from the practical perspective of Belgium based non-profit associations or "trade associations". During their presentation, Brent and Gilles discussed the legal and administrative (im)practicalities that these associations will be faced with when receiving services (e.g. for outsourced research projects) or when invoicing membership fees or dedicated event fees to their members.

The new legislation intends to simplify the VAT reporting rules. However, these rules deviate from the EU VAT Directive. And as the Directive is also implemented into Belgian legislation, be it only for certain cross-border transactions within the EU, these associations will have to deal with different sets of rules when invoicing their members, depending on where they are based.

The VAT seminar was highly praised and received a lot of positive feedback from all participants.