Second edition of Trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements released in Finland


Bird & Bird partner Tom Vapaavuori released the second edition of his book "Yrityssalaisuudet, liikesalaisuudet ja salassapitosopimukset" (Trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements), which is the only legal publication in Finland on trade secret related matters and non-disclosure agreements.

Since the first edition was released in 2005 the book has been widely used by corporate lawyers, prosecutors, judges, attorneys and all who are responsible for data security and research and development. The book has also been used in universities as a textbook in postgraduate studies.

Even if the main regulation around trade secrets has not changed, interesting new legal praxis has emerged and there has been a huge increase in cyber-crimes during the last decade threating companies' confidential information. Also the EU Trade Secret Directive will soon be issued and harmonize the civil legal framework. This all resulted to a need to make a new edition of the book.

Author, Tom Vapaavuori says that "it has been a great pleasure to see how companies' awareness to protect confidential information has grown during the last decade and trade secrets are now really an important part of their IPR portfolio. However, there is still much to be done and all companies should have a trade secret protection programme. This book gives valuable tools to build such programme and to establish maximal protect for trade secrets."

Tom is the head of Bird & Bird's Dispute Resolution group in Finland. He specialises in dispute resolution and contract law matters and is widely acknowledged for his litigation skills and his deep understanding of trade secret matters. He has acted as a consultant to numerous Finnish and international companies relating to trade secrets and has managed legal proceedings in courts and arbitration regarding these matters.

Bird & Bird has a global Trade Secret Group. The team includes partners and associates across Continental Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, who advise clients in all major jurisdictions around the globe. This book is a great example of Bird & Bird's multi-disciplinary, in-depth legal advice and capabilities.