Czech Republic: The National Space Plan 2020-2025

By Vojtech Chloupek


The Czech Government approved The National Space Plan 2020-2025 on 14 October 2019 (available here).

The Plan represents the strategy in the further development of capacities and capabilities of its industry and academia in the space activities ensuring their competitiveness and maximising the return of the public investment in space activities and related areas, to increase well-being of the citizens of the Czech Republic. It also represents the policy of the Czech Republic to play a highly visible role within the international community in space and related areas and to increase the influence of the Czech Republic on the European and global stage.

In the next six years, the Czech Republic, as a member of the European Space Agency (ESA), will spend 1.53 billion CZK a year on space programmes to strengthen the Czech Republic’s participation in programmes. This amount is 275 million CZK more than the Czech Republic has invested in ESA so far. ESA programmes are the main instrument for the development of the Czech space industry and scientific excellence in space science.