The Slovak Republic prepares a space law

By Katarína Ondrovicová, Zuzana Jurickova (


The Slovak Republic is a signatory of four of the five relevant UN international conventions on space and also supports the creation of non-legally binding UN instruments (e.g.  guidelines on space debris). 

Currently, a temporary Register of Space Objects of the Slovak Republic has been established at the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, for registration of the launch of the first Slovak satellite, skCUBE. Slovakia also notified the UN Secretary-General of the registration of the skCUBE satellite in the Register of Space Objects of the Slovak Republic.

The Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs initiated preparation of Slovak space legislation in cooperation with other ministries. The adoption of the Act on Space Activities in the Slovak 

Republic is a necessary pre-condition for the further development of the space activities in Slovakia, including determining the competencies of state administration authorities.