SG IP Fast Track: Expansion of SG Patent Fast Track to accelerate related trade mark and registered design applications

By Lorraine Tay, Tze She Teo


From 1 September 2020 to 29 April 2022, businesses seeking to obtain a bundle of rights for their portfolio of inventions, brands and designs will be able to tap on the SG IP Fast Track Programme to accelerate their applications, at no additional charge apart from the standard fees. 

Under this new scheme, the accelerated timelines from file-to-grant can be as fast as:

6 months for patent applications;
3 months for (straightforward) trademark applications; and 
1 month for registered design applications. 

To qualify for acceleration, the following applications and requests must be filed:

1) File a patent application and request for acceleration

Patent applications in all technology fields which are first-filed in Singapore (i.e. no priority claim) can qualify for acceleration. In particular, applicants for technologies with social impacts, technologies with healthcare impacts, or emerging technologies with a short product lifecycle are encouraged to apply. Examples of such technologies are those relating to sustainable food production, climate change, ventilators, diagnostic kits and other digital health solutions.

Each entity is limited to a maximum of 10 requests for patent acceleration per year. IPOS will notify the applicant if the patent is successfully placed on SG IP Fast Track when the Formalities Examination Report is issued. This procedure is unchanged from the pre-existing SG Patent Fast Track scheme. 

2) *NEW* Within 1 month, file related trade mark and/or design application(s) and request for acceleration 

Under the expanded initiative, corresponding trade mark and design applications may be filed within 1 month of receiving notification that the original patent application has been placed on SG IP Fast Track. 

A pre-condition is that the trade marks and designs must be

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