European Commission approves most Danish State Aid measures

By Morten Nissen, Frederik Haugsted


On 2 June 2020, the European Commission published an overview of the State aid measures approved under Article 107(2)b TFEU, Article 107(3)b and under the Temporary State Aid Framework since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus on 19 March 2020, the European Commission adopted a Temporary Framework to enable Member States to use full flexibility under the State aid rules to support their economy and help overcome the situation caused by the Coronavirus.

The overview from the European Commission confirms that Member States have benefited from the full flexibility offered by the Temporary Framework with Denmark having the most measures approved since the outbreak.

In total, Denmark had 12 different State Aid Measures ranging from a EUR 1,3 billion scheme to compensation of self-employed, a EUR 137 million compensation to airline SAS to a EUR 200 million loan in support of the Travel Guarantee Fund for travel cancellations adopted under 107(2b) TFEU, Article 107(3)b TFEU and the Temporary Framework since the beginning of the outbreak.

Please refer to the overview for all Member States released from the European Commission here.

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