Singapore High Court has power to revoke patents

By Anan Sivananthan, Pin-Ping Oh, Martin Kwan,


In earlier proceedings reported here, the High Court had held - in a decision that came as a surprise to many - that the Singapore Patents Act and other legislation did not provide the High Court with original jurisdiction to hear applications for patent revocation or to order that a patent be revoked.

This meant that all applications for patent revocation must be heard by the Registrar of Patents at the first instance, and the High Court could only hear appeals from the Registrar's decision. 

The High Court's decision has now been reversed by the Court of Appeal, which has held that the High Court has the power to hear applications for patent revocation and to revoke patents. However, this is confined to instances where the application was brought by way of defence and counterclaim in infringement proceedings, and does not extend to applications brought independently of infringement proceedings.

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