Healthcare law to be revamped in Singapore

By Alban Kang, Yuet Ping Tai


The Ministry of Health ("MOH") recently proposed a Healthcare Services Bill ("HCS Bill") to keep apace with rapid advances in healthcare, including telemedicine. Sweeping changes have been proposed. 

The HCS Bill will replace the current Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act ("PHMCA") (last updated in 1999) which only regulates healthcare providers with physical premises. 

Key proposed changes compared with the PHMCA



MOH is inviting feedback from the public on the HCS Bill from 5 January 2018 to 15 February 2018. They plan to enact the Bill later this year.  

The Bill will be implemented in the following phases:

Singapore healthcare table 2


The HSC Bill addresses significant healthcare trends, specifically telemedicine and Singapore’s ageing population. Although the Bill presents downstream challenges such as data security and patient privacy regarding the NEHR, it is a welcome development that provides better safeguards for patients.  

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