Webinar: Our Guide to Employment Law Challenges in Hong Kong

By Pattie Walsh, Jeannette Tam, Stephanie Wong


This webinar is the first of our bilingual webinars in English and Mandarin and focuses on the most topical employment law challenges in Hong Kong. We discuss the day to day issues we see in practice along with practical tips and ideas to help employers navigate their way.

Some of the issues covered include:

  • Criminal liability attached to breaches of employment legislation
  • Wages and bonuses
  • Cultural nuances around termination of employment
  • Navigating the application of global policies, procedures and processes
  • Visas and immigration
  • Discrimination and harassment protections

The webinar is led by Stephanie Wong (Associate), a member of our International Employment team in Hong Kong.

View webinar (English)

点击查看网络研讨会 (普通话)

Download short guide of the issues discussed (pdf)



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