Expansión Jurídico Interview with David Kerr, CEO of Bird & Bird


The judicial section of leading daily Spanish newspaper, Expansión, has published their interview with CEO David Kerr, following the Brexit conference that took place in Madrid earlier this month. In the interview, David explains that he does not believe that the United Kingdom's departure from the EU is a catastrophe; rather, a wakeup call for people. The article expresses his hopes for a good economic agreement to be reached between the UK and the EU. The newspaper features his thoughts on how these unexpected circumstances should be dealt with from an economic and business perspective. 
"Unexpected and unprecedented decisions which are not always to everyone's liking, such as Brexit, often serve as a wake-up call for people"
"It is a mistake to turn our backs on a decision that has been met democratically. Now, our attitude must be focused on working to find new solutions that will allow us to improve."
"Kerr understands that there is the clear economic need to reach an agreement that is beneficial for both sides."
"[Brexit] has proved to be a catalyst for change, as it has triggered the debate over the changes that need to happen in the EU as well as what direction this institution should take from now on"."

To see the article in full, please click here (in Spanish).