Stage of legislative progress 

In force

Implementation Act

Article 6 Law 3 may 2019 , n. 37 modifying the Consumer Code

Implementation date 

26 May 2019

Responsible body/bodies (art. 7 (1) GBR)
 MS must designate one or more bodies for its adequate and effective enforcement. This can include courts or administrative authorities (recital 35 GBR).

Autorita' garante della concorrenza e del mercato (AGCM)

Enforcement measures (art. 7 (2) GBR)
 MS must lay down rules setting out the measures applicable to infringements. These measures must be effective, proportionate and dissuasive.

Administrative fine between € 5.000 and €500.000, depending on the gravity and nature of the infringement

Practical assistance (art. 8 GBR)
 MS must designate one or more bodies responsible for providing practical assistance to consumers in the case of a dispute between a consumer and a trader arising from the application of the GBR

European consumer centre