Stage of legislative progress 

In progress

Implementation Act

Proposal to amend the Act on Providing Services (1166/2009)

Implementation date 

Not known yet

Responsible body/bodies (art. 7 (1) GBR)
 MS must designate one or more bodies for its adequate and effective enforcement. This can include courts or administrative authorities (recital 35 GBR).

Likely to be the Consumer Ombudsman

Enforcement measures (art. 7 (2) GBR)
 MS must lay down rules setting out the measures applicable to infringements. These measures must be effective, proportionate and dissuasive.

In the Finnish travaux preparatoires/legislative preparatory works, it has been assessed and stated that the measures required by Article 7(2) are effective, proportionate and dissuasive enough on the basis of the legislation already in force.

Practical assistance (art. 8 GBR)
 MS must designate one or more bodies responsible for providing practical assistance to consumers in the case of a dispute between a consumer and a trader arising from the application of the GBR

Likely to be the European Consumer Centre, which is a part of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.