Dutch court rules in favour of regulator imposing penalties on EA for loot boxes in FIFA


The Dutch court has recently ruled in favour of the Dutch betting and gambling authority imposing a penalty of up to 5 million euros on EA in 2019 for its use of loot boxes in the FIFA football game. Lisette den Butter reports.

12 November 2020

Remote gambling in the Netherlands: ready for the application procedure in March 2021?


In the past few months a lot has happened in the legislative process regarding remote gambling. Just last week, the Dutch Gambling Authority (Kansspelauthoriteit) (the “KSA”) published another set of draft policy rules for consultation. To bring you up to ...

29 October 2020

Update on online gambling in the Netherlands: licence holders will not be allowed to use their existing Dutch customer databases


Recently, the Minister’s answers to the latest round of questions in respect of the Remote Gambling Decree were sent to the Dutch parliament. Roelien van Neck and Tessa van den Ende elaborate on the updates that were vested in those answers and discuss in ...

03 July 2020

Online gambling in the Netherlands: important updates on licences and advertising


Recently, the Remote Gambling Decree was submitted to the Dutch parliament, accompanied by two letters answering questions raised in the previous parliamentary debates relating to the plans to extend the cooling-off period by six months and to ban ...

23 March 2020

Applying for an online gambling licence in the Netherlands: delayed, but licencing conditions explained


The Dutch Gambling Authority has recently provided a general explanation of the conditions applicable to operators applying for an online gambling licence in the Netherlands. Furthermore, it recently became clear that the Dutch market will open for online ...

20 January 2020