English Commercial Court confirms that legal advice privilege applies to foreign lawyers including those who work in-house


In an important judgment for businesses with legal teams based across a number of jurisdictions the English Commercial Court in PJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov & Ors [2020] EWHC 2437 (Comm), has held that legal advice privilege under English law extends to ...

24 September 2020

English Supreme Court narrows the scope of reflective loss - Sevilleja v Marex Financial Ltd [2020] UKSC 31


In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court confirmed that the principle of reflective loss restricted the ability of shareholders to claim damages in respect of a reduction in the value of their shares due to loss suffered to company, but that this principle ...

04 September 2020

UK Dispute Resolution Update - July 2020


Our UK disputes team is delighted to send you the latest edition of our Dispute Resolution Update featuring a selection of our articles on topical issues and recent legal developments. As you may expect, the pandemic continues to dominate the legal ...

10 July 2020

UK: Coronavirus and Business Interruption (BI) Insurance: do you have coverage?


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused substantial and widespread disruption to businesses across the UK, preventing many from operating in their entirety. Consequently, business owners may look to recover some of their losses by claiming under their business ...

09 July 2020

The Supreme Court rules on public interest and judicial bias in a recent decision concerning defamation


The Supreme Court in Serafin v Malkiewicz considers the 'public interest' defence in relation to defamation and the relationship between S.4 of the Defamation Act and the Reynolds defence. The Court also discusses the factors determining whether a case is ...

07 July 2020