TCL v Ericsson overturned on appeal

Readers will remember the news of Christmas 2017. Judge Selna in the Central District of California determined the FRAND royalties that TCL should pay to Ericsson. The decision attracted comment because the rates were very much lower than the findings that Mr ...

05 December 2019

The German courts provide clarity in regards to the use of Google AdWords that are identical to third party trade marks

The German Federal Court of Justice has given a judgment which holds that a trade mark owner may have grounds to oppose the use of a trade mark if that trade mark is used misleadingly in advertisements originating from a Google search and that result in the ...

04 December 2019

Amendments to the Singapore Arbitration Act And International Arbitration Act to Clarify the Arbitrability of IP Disputes in Singapore

Amendments to the Singapore Arbitration Act ("AA") and the International Arbitration Act ("IAA") which clarify that disputes in relation to IP rights ("IPR disputes") are capable of being settled by arbitration in Singapore and that an arbitral award ...

26 November 2019

Patents: interpretation of SPC Regulation

The Advocate General (AG) has delivered an opinion on the interpretation of Article 3 of the Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) Regulation (469/2009/EC) (2009 Regulation) (Article 3).

07 November 2019

Trade marks: online infringement of EUTM based on targeting

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that a defendant who infringes an EU trade mark (EUTM) by advertising or offering counterfeit goods for sale online may be sued in the country targeted by the website.

07 November 2019