Court of Appeal confirms limits to grant of a stay on case management grounds in favour of arbitration (Rex v Gulf Hibiscus)

Arbitration analysis: What is the nature of a Singapore court’s grant of a case management stay and its powers to lift such a stay or even discharge the original stay in the absence of an appeal? What should the Singapore court’s approach in granting a case ...

27 November 2019

Amendments to the Singapore Arbitration Act And International Arbitration Act to Clarify the Arbitrability of IP Disputes in Singapore

Amendments to the Singapore Arbitration Act ("AA") and the International Arbitration Act ("IAA") which clarify that disputes in relation to IP rights ("IPR disputes") are capable of being settled by arbitration in Singapore and that an arbitral award ...

26 November 2019

The recognition and enforcement of UK judgments in Singapore post no deal Brexit

This article discusses how UK judgments in Singapore would be recognised following the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

26 September 2019

Failure to set aside an arbitral award on the basis of a novated expired contract (BXH v BXI)

Arbitration analysis: What happens to an arbitration clause upon the expiration of the main agreement and where parties continued to perform the contract as if it had not expired?

25 September 2019

A move towards equality for same-sex couples

In June, the Court of Final Appeal handed down a landmark decision which will allow same-sex couples who are legally married in other jurisdictions to enjoy the same tax benefits, and, within the civil service, the same spousal benefits, as heterosexual ...

28 August 2019