Patents: no supplementary protection certificate for second medical use

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has held that a supplementary protection certificate (SPC) cannot be granted for a different application of the same product for which an earlier marketing authorisation (MA) had been granted.

07 September 2020

General Court “shades” some light on 3D trademark registration

In a judgment dated 26 March 2020, the General Court clarified the elusive question of the registration of signs consisting of the shape of the product as trademarks.

22 May 2020

France: Ordinance No. 2020-560 dated 13 May 2020 – New adjustment of the procedural deadlines in the context of the national state of health emergency

With lockdown easing, the French Government modified the system of time limits extensions, especially procedural deadlines, during the health emergency.

22 May 2020

A Toolkit for businesses to help manage contractual relationships governed by French law

Anne-Florence Raducault, a partner in our French DR team together with associates Celine Gasser and Benjamin Maubert have put together a toolkit to help businesses manage contractual relationships governed by French law during the current pandemic.

30 April 2020

COVID-19 cash flow management: solutions to be implemented now before the Courts - New deadlines resulting from Ordinance No. 2020-427 dated April 15, 2020

The continuity of your company depends on the actions you take as of now: despite a reduced functioning of Courts, several solutions might enable you to secure financially your business.

23 April 2020