PLC Magazine IP and IT bites, November 2019

PLC magazine IP/IT Bytes for November has now been published. In this issue we have the following material: ​Trade marks: online infringement of EUTM based on targeting AMS Neve and others v Heritage Audio SL and others C-172/18. ​Patents: ...

30 December 2019

Supreme Court awards £2M under UK inventor compensation scheme for invention of 'outstanding benefit' to employer

Today the Supreme Court has upheld an appeal by Professor Shanks against his former employer, Unilever, awarding him £2M in compensation for his invention. This case is of real significance for all innovative businesses since it potentially increases the ...

23 October 2019

Patents: meaning of enablement in anticipation by prior art

The Patents Court has considered enablement in relation to anticipation of a claimed monoclonal antibody invention by prior art, and held the patent was invalid for lack of novelty; it was also obvious for lack of technical contribution, and insufficient for ...

04 September 2019

Patents: cancellation of RAND trial

The Court of Appeal has cancelled a RAND trial because it would serve no useful purpose where an undertaking was given not to enforce the right to a FRAND licence in respect of a UK patent which had been held valid and enforceable.

04 September 2019

Patents: Declaratory Relief

The Patents Court has refused to grant an Arrow declaration following de-designation of UK from pending patent applications because there was no uncertainty about UK patent rights and the true purpose of the declaration would be its use in foreign courts.

13 August 2019