Court of Appeal clarifies disclosure of confidential information in UK litigation – OnePlus v Mitsubishi and others

Jane Mutimear discusses the judgment of the Court of Appeal dated 19 November 2020 which reviews the authorities and draws together a list of the points the Court will consider when determining the restrictions to be placed upon disclosure of confidential ...

19 November 2020

Australia’s High Court introduces patent exhaustion doctrine into Australian law – awarding a victory to remanufacturers

In the long running patent infringement battle between OEM cartridge supplier Seiko Epson, and the remanufacturer of its cartridges, Calidad, on 12 November the High Court delivered its judgment, imposing a significant limitation on patentee’s rights. In its ...

13 November 2020

Chinese patent linkage system - the Chinese Supreme Court issues Draft Judicial Interpretations

As the patent linkage provisions are new for China, the Draft Judicial Interpretations provide some guidance on how the system will be implemented in practice. The Draft Judicial Interpretations are open for public consultation until 14 December 2020. Bird & ...

04 November 2020

Audrey Horton,Toby Bond

The Patents Court has dismissed a patent application by an individual which named an artificial intelligence (AI) machine as inventor because an inventor must be a natural person.

02 November 2020

Patents: no supplementary protection certificate for second medical use

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has held that a supplementary protection certificate (SPC) cannot be granted for a different application of the same product for which an earlier marketing authorisation (MA) had been granted.

07 September 2020