A vaccine for COVID-19: risks and liabilities from an international perspective


As the development of vaccines against COVID-19 is progressing, the question becomes urgent who will be liable if a vaccine is marketed and will cause unexpected adverse effects as a result of the requested speed and scope of vaccine programmes.

15 February 2021

Epic Games launches proceedings against Apple and Google over the taking down of Fortnite from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Epic Games, publishers of the game Fortnite, have launched civil anti-trust proceedings in California against both Apple and Google. The article explores the reasoning behind the move and what we are likely to see happen next in the saga. View the full ...

02 October 2020

The English Court of Appeal decides it has the power to order a non-party witness to give evidence in aid of a foreign arbitration


In A and B v C, D and E [2020] EWCA Civ 409 the Court of Appeal has provided at least a partial resolution to the "long-standing controversy" of whether or not orders under section 44 of the Arbitration Act 1996 can be made against non-parties.

01 April 2020

Court of Appeal rule in favour of US copyright owners


In December 2018, the US Court of Appeal ruled in favour of US copyright owners, by holding that the sale of digital music files is not protected by the US first sale doctrine, and therefore amounts to copyright infringement. This decision affirms the first ...

24 January 2019

Patents: whether royalties payable under patent licence


The High Court has construed a patent using US legal rules and held that, since the licensed product did not infringe the patent, no royalties were payable.

11 October 2018