English Supreme Court narrows the scope of reflective loss - Sevilleja v Marex Financial Ltd [2020] UKSC 31


In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court confirmed that the principle of reflective loss restricted the ability of shareholders to claim damages in respect of a reduction in the value of their shares due to loss suffered to company, but that this principle ...

04 September 2020

Geowash washes up: Employees personally liable for penalties for misleading conduct in franchise negotiations


The Federal Court of Australia has ordered a total of over $4.2 million penalties against Geowash Pty Ltd (Geowash), and a director and employee of the company, as well as injunctions, disqualification orders and a $500,000 payment as partial redress payment ...

28 February 2020

PLC Magazine IP and IT Bytes - January/February 2020


PLC magazine IP/IT Bytes for January/February has now been published. In this issue we have the following material: ​Copyright: e-book supply as communication to the public Nederlands Uitgeversverbond and Groep Algemene Uitgevers v Tom Kabinet Internet ...

05 February 2020

Copyright: terms of injunction and scope of damages inquiry


The High Court has considered the terms of injunctive relief and the scope of the damages inquiry in the TuneIn radio aggregator copyright infringement case.

03 February 2020

Class action data breach litigation under CPR 19.6 is given the green light by the Court of Appeal in Lloyd v Google


The recent judgment by the English Court of Appeal in Lloyd v Google LLC [2019] EWCA Civ 1599, a large-scale data breach claim, provides helpful insight into the operation of CPR 19.6.

05 December 2019