A statement which is neither vulgar nor defamatory can be found to be unlawful if it creates a wrongful impression, rules the Czech Supreme Court


The Czech Supreme Court recently ruled in favour of a famous Czech actor, whose name was used in an article by a national newspaper which was later found to contain an unlawful statement. Whilst the statement itself was neither vulgar nor defamatory, the fact ...

28 October 2019

Employee or self-employed? The High Court of Western Denmark has ruled on this distinction


An employee could not be considered as an employee within the meaning of the Danish Salaried Employees Act and was therefore not entitled to salary during the notice period, compensation for having no employment contract or holiday pay.

28 October 2019

Agreement regarding extended notice period unenforcable


Although the salaried employee's notice of termination was extended by two months, The High Court of Western Denmark in its judgment of 28 June 2019 ruled that a salaried employee could not claim additional 2 months' salary during the notice period. The ...

02 October 2019

Solving Consumer Disputes after a 'no deal' Brexit – Changes to your T&C's


As part of the Government's efforts to help businesses prepare for the possibility of the UK exiting the European Union without a deal on 31st October 2019 it has recently published a paper entitled Consumer rights and businesses: changes after Brexit. The ...

17 September 2019

ECJ Decision: The end of the Germany’s darling SEPA direct debit?


The ECJ ruled on 5 September 2019 (Case C-28/18) that the acceptance of payments via SEPA direct debit by companies shall not be made conditional to the customer's place of residence.

13 September 2019