What effect might the UK’s Business interruption insurance test case have on similar cases over coverage in Hong Kong


The United Kingdom's conduct regulator for insurers (and its intermediaries), the Financial Conduct Authority (the "FCA"), is seeking a court declaration to resolve contractual uncertainty in business interruption ("BI") insurance cover (the "Test Case"). In ...

29 June 2020

Hong Kong and Mainland China: Force Majeure & COVID-19 & You


Bird & Bird continues to keep clients and others informed about the impact brought about by COVID-19 in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Consequently, this article summarises the law relating to force majeure in both jurisdictions and offers some practical ...

28 April 2020

Service of Claim Documents (Hong Kong)


In this Q&A we consider the rules relating to service of claim documents within jurisdiction and abroad in Hong Kong. It contains Hong Kong-specific information setting out the framework for service of claim documents (in relation to domestic and foreign ...

27 April 2020

Letter Before Action (Hong Kong)


In this Q&A we consider the rules relating to Letter Before Actions in Hong Kong. It contains Hong Kong-specific information on all the key issues to consider before issuing or responding to a pre-action letter. Please note that reference to pre-action ...

27 April 2020

Rules of Evidence (Hong Kong)


In this Q&A we consider the rules of evidence (including cross-border evidence) in civil proceedings in Hong Kong. This Q&A provides an overview of the rules of evidence in civil proceedings, including rules on the disclosure obligations of the parties, ...

27 April 2020