Class action data breach litigation under CPR 19.6 is given the green light by the Court of Appeal in Lloyd v Google

The recent judgment by the English Court of Appeal in Lloyd v Google LLC [2019] EWCA Civ 1599, a large-scale data breach claim, provides helpful insight into the operation of CPR 19.6.

05 December 2019

Latest Employment Law case updates - Edition 10 2019

Frontline UK - case law updates - edition 10 2019

11 November 2019

An initial analysis: The UK High Court examines the implications of the CJEU judgments in both Svensson and GS Media, and clarifies the position on copyright infringement in relation to hyperlinks.

The High Court has provided a complex decision regarding the situation in which a party will be held liable for copyright infringement when it provides a hyperlink to external content. The court examined in detail the CJEU's decisions in Svensson and GS Media ...

05 November 2019

Supreme Court awards £2M under UK inventor compensation scheme for invention of 'outstanding benefit' to employer

Today the Supreme Court has upheld an appeal by Professor Shanks against his former employer, Unilever, awarding him £2M in compensation for his invention. This case is of real significance for all innovative businesses since it potentially increases the ...

23 October 2019

Frontline UK Employment Law Update Edition 9 2019

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10 October 2019