Copyright: protection of designs as copyright works

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has considered the extent to which designs could be protected as copyright works.

02 March 2020

Patents: requirement to participate in FRAND trial

The Patents Court has held that defendants must participate in a FRAND trial even if they consented to a permanent injunction and did not seek a FRAND licence.

02 March 2020

Trade marks: jurisdiction over infringement by non-EU defendant

The High Court has refused permission to serve outside the jurisdiction a claim for trade mark infringement, passing off and unlawful means conspiracy.

02 March 2020

The Swedish Patent and Market Court rules for the first time on "moderation"

The Swedish Patent and Market Court has ruled for the first time on the legal concept of "moderate marketing" ("moderation"). The court found that the use of "takeover ads" and 20 other specific statements used by Elec Games, a subsidiary of Global Gaming, in ...

13 February 2020

PLC Magazine IP and IT Bytes - January/February 2020

PLC magazine IP/IT Bytes for January/February has now been published. In this issue we have the following material: ​Copyright: e-book supply as communication to the public Nederlands Uitgeversverbond and Groep Algemene Uitgevers v Tom Kabinet Internet ...

05 February 2020