UK Supreme Court rules on FRAND approach in Unwired Planet and Conversant

The long awaited decision from the UK Supreme Court was handed down on 26 August 2020. Lord Hodge gave the summary of the judgment by video: it can be seen here . A 54 page judgment has been handed down.

26 August 2020

Reports of Trade Mark Cases for CIPA June 2020

In this month's report, we report on the High Court's decision concerning the Protected Designation of Origin for Prosecco and the deceptive nature of the NOSECCO trade mark, in Les Grands Chais de France SAS v Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di ...

12 August 2020

Trade Secrets – Interim injunction to prevent importation of "infringing goods"

On 30 July 2020, the High Court granted an interim injunction pursuant to Regulation 11 of the Trade Secrets (Enforcement etc) Regulations 2018 (the "Trade Secrets Regulations") to prevent the importation of allegedly "infringing goods" into the UK pending ...

07 August 2020

Patents: invalidity for insufficiency across broad range of products claimed

The Supreme Court has held that two patents for a transgenic mouse used for the development of human antibodies were invalid for insufficiency.

05 August 2020

Copyright: subsistence in functional shapes

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that copyright may subsist in a product whose shape is necessary to obtain a technical result, provided that the shape is an original expression of the author's free and creative choices and personality.

05 August 2020