CJEU decision on internet connect owners liability


In this video Franz Gernhardt takes a look at the CJEU ruling on the liability of internet connect owners and discusses the implications. In the decision, the CJEU held that the owner of an internet account used for copyright infringements cannot exonerate ...

05 November 2018

Author of Witcher novels demands additional royalties from video game developer


Author Andrzej Sapkowski claims to be entitled to a further 14 million Euros in royalties for his fantasy novels, 'The Witcher', which were adapted into a popular video game series of the same name. CD Projket Red, the developer of the game, has refused to ...

18 October 2018

EU Parliament votes on proposed Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market


The EU Parliament has voted on the proposed EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. It has voted to give increased copyright protection for sports organisers under the proposed Article 12a. This Article would give organisers of sport events ...

20 September 2018

EU Proposals to access cross border electronic evidence


In April 2018 the European Commission (the 'Commission') proposed a new framework between Member States to make the collection of cross-border electronic evidence in criminal investigations substantially easier for prosecuting authorities than the current ...

17 September 2018

German Federal Court rules no liability for open WLAN operators for copyright violations


The German Federal Court of Justice has ruled that while WLAN account holders are not liable as an intermediary, they are required to undertake certain safety measures to prevent copyright protected material being uploaded through their hotspot. This ruling ...

29 August 2018