Neuschwanstein Castle or Trademark

The CJEU recently ruled that 'NEUSCHWANSTEIN' is not an indication of geographical origin as the castle of the same name is not a place where products are manufactured or services are rendered. The decision came after a cancellation action was filed against ...

22 May 2019

How much information is enough information

Last week the German Federal Court of Justice made a referral to the CJEU concerning the scope of information which platform operators will have to provide where a user commits an infringement in uploading copyright-protected works. Franz Gernhardt sets out ...

10 April 2019

The New Business Secrets Act in Spain

New Business Secrets Act is (finally) approved in Spain, transposing the Trade Secrets Directive

11 February 2019

Privacy consent as an essential facility? A comment to the Italian Competition Authority decision in the case ENEL-A2A-ACEA

Italian competition authority fines Enel and Acea for abusing dominance in regulated retail energy markets to gain customers in competitive markets

22 January 2019

EU Watch List Shames IPR Offenders

The European Commission has published the first Counterfeit and Privacy Watch List, which identifies and shames online markets outside the EU which engage or facilitate IPR infringements. The purpose of the Watch List is to encourage parties to take necessary ...

10 January 2019