Implications of the controversial German Court judgment in the Renckhoff case

The German Federal Court applied the CJEU judgment which confirmed that the re-posting of a copyright protected work on a third party website constitutes a copyright violation. It will be interesting to see how European Courts apply this recent decision.

22 July 2019

Notes from the CJEU hearing on SCCS

The CJEU is considering the validity of the standard contractual clauses, whether transfers of personal data to the US breach the EU Charter and the impact of the Privacy Shield.

15 July 2019

German trade mark cancelled in part due to non-use

This year, the Higher Regional Court of Nuremburg issued an order in a cancellation action brought against a German trade mark for electric bicycles. It was held that third parties can seek to revoke a registered trade mark if the trade mark has not been used ...

10 July 2019

Paris Court rules on use of image rights in commercial advertising

In two recent case, the Paris Court has given useful guidance on the use of images in commercial advertising. In the first case, a model was hired to shoot an advertising video for an IT start-up company. An agreement was signed giving the company permission ...

22 May 2019

"SO" and "S.O" ruled to be confusingly similar

The EUIPO Fourth Board of Appeal concluded recently that "SO…?" and "S.O" are confusingly similar. This decision was reached after reviewing the aural, visual and conceptual similarity between the signs. This decision is significant as the Board looked at the ...

22 May 2019