How to Brexit-proof your boiler plate clauses

With Brexit, just spending a few moments thinking about the boiler plate clauses in your commercial agreements of could save you time and more importantly money in the long term.

18 April 2018

Domain name held to be a property right that can be subject to forfeiture, Swedish Supreme Court rules

In December 2017, the Swedish Supreme Court ruled that a domain amounts as a property right due to having more than just economic value and that the domain name could be subject to forfeiture because it was being used an instrument of crime. This decision ...

28 March 2018

European Court of Human Rights looks into a national law banning religious symbols in commercial advertising

The European Court of Human Rights has recently decided that the passing of a national law to prohibit the use of religious symbols in advertising would not be compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights due to the prohibition not being necessary ...

19 March 2018

The CJEU DOCERAM case: when is a product feature solely dictated by its technical functionality such that it cannot be protected as a Community Design?

On 8 March 2018, the CJEU handed down a decision clarifying its view on how to assess if a product appearance is solely dictated by its technical function, and hence excluded from Community design protection.

15 March 2018

The ECJ rules that Uber shall be classified as a service in the field of transport and not an information society service

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on December 20th that Uber's service consisting of connecting, by means of an app, a non-professional driver using his or her own vehicle with a person who wishes to use a Uber vehicle

21 December 2017