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We've always had a fantastic sense of community at Bird & Bird and there's no reason to leave that behind just because you've left the firm. Whatever your previous role with us or whatever you're doing now, we'd love to stay in touch.

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Grant Powell, Owner, Riad Assakina - Morroco

"It wasn't a swap so much as a decision just to change tack, travel and see where I ended up! I took up a chance invite to visit Marrakech with an ex-girlfriend. Love blossomed, we bought a brothel (to convert into a boutique hotel) and the rest is history, as they say!"

 Iain Higgins      

Iain Higgins, Former COO and General Counsel, ICC 

"One particular highlight has been the opportunity to lead a project team writing a global strategy for the sport of cricket. The project is coming close to completion now, and it's definitely going to be a game-changer for the sport."

 Julia Keim      

Julia Keim, Transformational Deal Attorney, Microsoft

"Working on ground breaking deals, with a group of very diverse colleagues from around the world, is really great. I often speak with colleagues in Asia, Europe and the US all in one day. We are always jumping from one meeting to the next, rather than politely taking the time to get to know each other!"


Morten Nissen, Former CEO, Cortis
(2008-2012, 2018-Present)

"Starting up and running a business is hard work, fraught with mistakes, up and downs, but incredibly rewarding when it starts working. And you end up doing a lot of stuff that you know absolutely nothing about, which is as scary as it can be for a lawyer!"


 Virginie Geeraert, Legal Counsel and Business Litigation Manager

"Becoming part of a mutualist group like Macif offered me the opportunity to give a greater sense to my actions, to carry common values and to pursue a common aim. I follow strategic group projects from the beginning and take a concrete part to their success, which is very rewarding and motivating."

 Will Duncan     Will Duncan, General Counsel & Corporate Development Director, The Instant Group (1997-2003)

"The Instant Group has afforded me the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the commercial aspects of the business. It's been a great challenge and a great opportunity to broaden my skills."