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  1. Legal news
    18 November 2018
    Loot box issues extend to Poland

    The legal implications of loot boxes continue to be a hot topic in the gaming world. The latest instance of this recently appeared in Poland, where loot boxes in the popular 'FIFA' games have been reported to the ...

  2. Legal news
    27 October 2017
    Loot Boxes: What’s all the fuss about?

    The gambling industry is no stranger to public scrutiny, but now the worlds of gambling and gaming are once again colliding as pressure increases on games publishers’ use of loot boxes amid claims that they could ...

  3. Legal news
    24 September 2018
    Gambling Regulators Sharpen Focus on Loot Boxes & Social Gaming

    Monday 17th September 2018 saw fifteen European gambling regulators and the Washington State Gambling Commission sign a Declaration stating that they are "increasingly concerned with the risks being posed by the ...