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    04 February 2020
    UAE & Nordic Legal Update

    Working in collaboration with the Danish Business Council, the Finnish Business Council and the Swedish Business Council, partners from Bird & Bird's Danish, Finnish and Swedish offices will join us in Dubai to provide ...

  2. Twobirds news
    30 July 2019
    Bird & Bird's Energy & Utilities group is named global leader in renewable energy for the second year in a row

    International law firm Bird & Bird has been named the number one law firm globally for renewable energy mergers and acquisitions deals by volume. The league tables produced by Clean Energy Pipeline relate to 2018.

  3. Legal news
    23 December 2019
    Tech & Comms 2020 Predictions

    For a third consecutive year we have asked our technology & communications specialists from around the world to identify the challenges and opportunities they expect the sector to face in 2020.