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  1. Twobirds news
    28 July 2020
    Bird & Bird ATMD secures site blocking orders for EPL and others

    Our Singapore IP team, comprising Alban Kang (Partner) and Oh Pin-Ping (Counsel), has successfully assisted EPL, Discovery, BBC, La Liga and TVB in securing site blocking orders in Singapore. The orders were made ...

  2. Legal news
    05 October 2020
    The Good, the Bad[Faith], and the Bubbly

    The French Champagne Association successfully opposed the "ChamPengWine" trade mark before the Singapore Registry. The Hearing Officer found that "ChamPengWine" did not contain or consist of the "champagne" geographical ...

  3. Legal news
    10 December 2019
    Fourth Update on Myanmar New Trade Mark Laws – Soft Opening of Online Filing System to commence in December 2019 January 2020

    Further to our earlier note on the upcoming Soft Opening in November 2019, we are writing to provide further updates obtained from various Myanmar sources.

  4. Legal news
    11 July 2019
    Making Singapore Patents More Robust

    The Intellectual Property (Dispute Resolution) Bill was tabled in Parliament this week. The Bill seeks to make extensive changes to how intellectual property ("IP") rights may be enforced in Singapore

  5. Legal news
    25 January 2019
    Further Update on New Trade Mark Laws in Myanmar

    There have been several developments since our last update in July 2018 (click here to view the previous update).

  6. Legal news
    04 April 2019
    Singapore's Enhanced Mediation Promotion

    From 1st April 2019, Singapore will provide supplementary funding to parties who choose mediation as an alternative to litigation for IP-related disputes.

  7. Legal news
    03 December 2020
    Recent developments in relation to the protection of Trade Secrets in Singapore

    This is the 12th in a series of articles written by members of our International Trade Secrets Group, highlighting points of note regarding the protection of Trade Secrets in various jurisdictions.

  8. Legal news
    04 April 2019
    Attempting to commercialise a patent before amendment can amount to seeking an unfair advantage

    The decision in In the Matter of Proposed Patent Amendments by Hitachi, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Opposition to Amendment by Singapore Shipping Association and Association of Singapore Marine ...