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  1. Legal news
    09 April 2019
    New Regulation safeguarding competition in air transport – can competition take off?

    On 9 April 2019, the Regulation on safeguarding competition in air transport, repealing Regulation (EC) No 868/2004 was adopted by the European institutions. The Regulation aims to regulate competition between EU ...

  2. Legal news
    08 February 2019
    European Commission approves €36 million Polish investment aid to LG Chem's electric vehicles batteries plant

    The European Commission has cleared Poland's €36 million investment aid to LG Chem for a new electric vehicle batteries plant in the Dolnoślaskie region under the EU State aid rules.

  3. Legal news
    15 September 2020
    UOKiK investigates rebate practices of 19 retail chains in Poland

    In early July, the Polish competition authority (UOKiK) has opened preliminary investigations into the rebate practices of 19 retail chains. In particular, the authority will focus on whether retrospective rebates are ...

  4. Legal news
    14 July 2020
    The Czech Office for the Protection of Competition imposed fines for illegal cartel agreement linked to rail freight transport

    The Czech Office for the Protection of Competition (Office) imposed fines in a total amount of approx. EUR 690,000 on four companies engaged in the field of international rail freight transport for illegal cartel ...

  5. Legal news
    12 June 2020
    Relentless crackdown on unfair trading practices against consumers in Hungary

    In the last eight months, the Hungarian Competition Office (“GVH”) initiated a host of inspections and imposed unprecedented fines on online service operators for misleading consumers. A trend seems to unfold of the GVH ...

  6. Legal news
    15 September 2020
    Consumers subjected to unfair B2C commercial practices due to COVID-19

    The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) keeps a watchful eye over advertisement claims regarding alleged COVID-19 treatments that exploit the vulnerability of consumers in the current pandemic. The GVH initiated an ...

  7. Legal news
    01 August 2017
    Non-price competition in selective distribution - the landmark opinion of AG Wahl on online platform bans

    On 26 July 2017, Advocate General (“AG”) Wahl delivered to the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) a long-awaited opinion on whether preventing distributors from selling products on online platforms (such as ...

  8. Legal news
    11 October 2018
    The CJEU provides clarity on the definition of a "payment account"

    On 4 October 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that a bank account which does not allow the account holder to make payments to third parties, or to receive payments from third parties, does ...

  9. Legal news
    11 June 2020
    Poland adopts restrictions on certain foreign investments

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the looming economic crisis, Poland has recently adopted legislation, under which transactions involving certain Polish companies and non-EEA investors would be subject to a new ...

  10. Legal news
    13 October 2020
    Retail Price Maintenance in the EU

    The European Commission concluded in its 2017 Final Report on the e-commerce sector that pricing restrictions are generally the most widespread contractual restrictions. Manufacturers and retailers have been using ...